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Finding the very best candidates. Quicker.

TALENTspy helps you to find the best candidates quicker in situations when you urgently need them.

We are focusing on companies that require change or on intermediaries that enable change (management consultancies, private equity). TALENTspy provides these companies the most important asset in such situations: the right managers, leaders and specialists that do not only drive the change but also make sure that your company will build up and maintain sustainable advantages in a rapidly changing environment.

Here you find an overview of our areas of specialization.

And which are those talents and how do we find them quickly?
Relevant experience, passion and personality! This is a very rare species of talent and combines the right academic excellence, work experience, personality and track-record.

We maintain an ongoing dialogue with those candidates. We know them and they know us as we do not only speak to them when we have a specific position to fill. We call this "candidate centric" dialogue and as such are able to build up a trustful relationship that goes far beyond the specific placement. Or to put it differently: we are interested in top talents even when they do not fit for a specific search position. Therefore we are able to fill positions quickly when at a later point in time a specific search comes up that fits their profile.

Based on a combination of the long term candidate centric dialogue with a classic project-based executive search approach (identifying target companies, relevant professionals etc.) we can present the very best candidates quicker. Quite often we are able to provide first profiles after two weeks.

Our USP: Clear focus and combined search process deliver the very best candidates quicker

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