For Candidates

In our previous life we were candidates ourselves and were rarely satisfied with the support we received when we wanted to have advice and coaching in the context of our further professional development. Frequently we were just offered vacant positions that somehow fit our experience but seldomly we got a meaning discussion about also non-obvious alternatives. Based on our own experience with executive search we developed the TALENTspy approach.

At TALENTspy not only our clients but also our candidates are in the center of our focus. We are your long-term partner in our areas of specialization and focus on the Top 15% of candidates from ca. 5 years' of business experience to senior management (C-level, partner) that mostly have a background in consulting plus an additional experience in the corporate or private equity world.

  • At TALENTspy you have access to outstanding employers. Given our clear focus and established networks we can offer you targeted and attractive opportunities.
  • We are conducting a personal interview and assessment with you and therefore better understand your individual motivation and goals.
  • In our areas of specialization we provide long-term coaching through our experienced consultants that have gained own management experience in your industries and therefore provide value-add discussions and insights.
  • We provide you with honest, straightforward feedback that helps you to better understand your strengths and weaknesses and your positioning relative to your peers.
  • We maintain a close interaction with you during the recruiting process and after the placement.
  • We also place entire teams and proactively develop team- and business cases with you as team-head. Our expertise is based on various team-hirings with up to 50 professionals.