TALENTspy is focusing on companies that require change (growth, turnaround, restructuring) or that are driving change (e.g. management consultancies, private equity).

Performance improvement, globalization and digitization are the challenges that primarily drive the change in the 21st century. Private equity invests in companies and their opportunities to accelerate change; management consultancies support companies to react to these changes and to adjust their business models accordingly.

TALENTspy provides the most important assets to successfully master these changes and to build up sustainable competitive advantages: the right leaders, managers and specialists.

TALENTspy has specific and profound expertise in the following search areas in the DACH region:

  • Management Consultancies
  • Strategy
  • Corporate Finance and transaction-related experience
  • Restructuring and performance improvement
  • Digital transformation
  • Operations management (product development, procurement, manufacturing, SCM)

  • Private Equity
  • Fund level: Investment- as well as operating roles
  • Portfolio companies: C-level roles as well as Head of Strategy, Program Management, Operational Excellence etc.

  • Corporates undergoing Change
  • C-Level
  • Restructuring task-forces
  • Value creation teams
  • Corporate development/strategy/digital transformation
  • Program management and performance improvement

From a candidate perspective we focus on:

  • Top 15% of managers and specialists with >5 years of business experience and >120,000 € compensation p.a.
  • Professionals with frequently a background in consulting plus an additional corporate or private equity experience